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of a change. john boehner will be the speaker of the house, you know, unless something unforeseen happens in the next few weeks. he will be, he will keep the reign. the republicans gained, you know, a few seats, but that's not really going to effect his shot. he ran unopposed in ohio for his own race, and the defining conflict of the republican conference in the 112th congress, this sort of conflict between eric cantor, the majority leader, and john boehner, the speaker, is really behind them at least, you know, from everything that we have seen. the -- so that is remarkably stable, the first three positions. john boehner will be, you know, the next speaker, eric cantor will be the majority leader, and kevin mccarthy will be the majority whip. where it starts to get interesting is for the conference chairman position. this is currently held by jeb hensarling who is making a bid to be the financial services chairman. hensarling has been a sort of rising star for a while within republican ranks. he was a republican study committee chairman which is sort of the top conservative position in r
john fitzgerald kennedy. why did you decide to join the united states army? >> i was a senior in high school. i graduate in in 2003. to school anymore. i did not want to go to college. i did not know what i wanted to do. one night i was mopping the floors around 930 or 10:00 at night. a subway was closed and a regular commercial came on and something to the tune of see the recruiters to get a free t- shirt. i was working as subway. i wanted a free t-shirt. that sounded fun. i went down there and talked to the recruiter. he told me what they tell you. we are a nation at war. we have been at war in iraq since 2003 and afghanistan since 2001. if you want to make a tangible difference, join the military. i thought that was pretty solid. i took the shirt and i left. what he said to me really resonated. all these privileges and freedoms we have as americans and given to a so really, at such a great cost. they come from the costs of other people that have provided us this lifestyle. all these people have something in common that they have stood for sending more than themselves. i thought tha
of a terrific book by john eikenberry of princeton called the liberal leviathan which we have built this modern international systems web of networks and associations and groupings and alliances, and everyone, it's an open system to anyone who wants to join and play by the goals can do so. and it is still a system that draws people from various parts of the world into the web that we are, what is the imf, world bank, united nations, nato, et cetera said. to revise architecture that we are building in asia. so that is the essence of the competition, probably at the end of this is exactly what the new yemeni president did. he was willing to stand with the united states and do so publicly. and that is the ultimate challenge. as jim was saying earlier, mutual interest, mutual respect, and i would add to that shared responsibility where we now that the solve any international challenge, no one can come to the united states can't do it alone, but, you know, you can't solve the challenges as her former boss hillary clinton said, you can't solve any global challenge without meaningful participation by
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3